Legal Website Meta Tags and Keywords

There are two basic parts of a web page: the things you can see and the things you can’t. The text, images, and video are obvious when you open a web page in your browser, but there’s a hidden world that only the browser and search engines can see. (If you’re bored, you can look… Read more »

Legal link building vs legal content marketing

There are multiple strategies to examine when creating a marketing plan for your practice, and it’s good to understand the different ways you can increase traffic to your site. The quickest way to get visitors to your site is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, like AdWords. The benefit of this method is that you can get… Read more »

Legal Marketing 101

If you’re a lawyer, you are most likely very good at law, but may not be very familiar with the details of legal internet marketing. Just a few years ago, marketing your practice online was much easier. You could put a simple website online, write up a few keywords, and voil√†¬†– instant ranking in the… Read more »