AdWords Geo-Targeting

AdWords Legal Marketing

When setting up your AdWords campaign, you’re obviously going to want to configure your ads to only appear in your geographical region. For instance, if you’re in Seattle, you’ll want to limit your campaign so that your ads only show in the Seattle area (unless you are trying to attract clients from further away, of course).

But setting your “Locations” in AdWords is not enough.

Does Your Legal Site Deserve to Be #1?

We all want to be #1 in Google and the other search engines. Being in the first position garners you more clicks and more exposure. It can be frustrating when your can’t seem to get onto the first page, let alone #1 in the search results. When you’re struggling to get your site higher in the rankings, you have to ask yourself this question:

Understanding SEO

There are many factors that play a role in how well your legal website ranks in the search engines. Literally, Google looks at hundreds of different “signals” when determining whether your site is #1 or #67 in the search rankings. We cover many of these factors in our Complete Guide to Legal Marketing, but SearchEngineLand has put together a very clear, concise “Periodic Table of SEO” that they let us share here.

Personal Injury SEO and Keyword Research

As part of our consultations with our VIP Marketing Service, we hear from many law firms who are trying to target personal injury clients, so we thought it would be helpful to share our research into targeting this area of legal marketing. In fact, if you look at national keyword tracking data, there are roughly 1,400 different keywords related to “personal injury.