Advertising vs Marketing

A common problem we see in the world of legal marketing, though, is that many people confused advertising with marketing. Advertising can be an effective and profitable part of a marketing campaign, but often advertising is the only thing that is done, and that’s not good.

Position in Google vs Traffic to Your Legal Site

Although many “legal marketing” companies focus on AdWords, a solid organic search program is critical for your firm. A strong organic search presence (as opposed to paid search), provides your site with stable traffic over many years, and the better your search ranking, the more traffic you’ll see to your site. In fact, if your site isn’t in the top three positions on Google, you’re not going to see much traffic.

Spying on your competition

Legal marketing is a very competitive business. Every firm wants to be #1 in the search ranking and even if you manage to get there, you have to keep working your plan to stay there.

Many lawyers call us each week asking the question: “Why is my site lower in Google than this other firm in my city?”