A blog is a powerful marketing tool for your legal practice, and Waxwing makes blogging easy.¬†Blogs have many benefits for your practice, and there are unique features that make blogs a great way to boost your site’s search ranking and social media presence.

Fresh Content

Google and the other search engines like sites that are active and frequently updated. New content shows the search engines that your site is current and busy. Furthermore, Google places a premium on blog content, as it assumes that content on a blog is timely and current. Because of that, an article posted on your law firm blog can be indexed within minutes of posting, making it a great way to get pages on your site ranked quickly and link back to other relevant content on your site.

Quick to Write

One of the great features of a blog post is that it doesn’t have to long and time-consuming. In fact, research shows that longer posts are less likely to be read than short posts. Blogging on your legal website is a great way to share links to news sites or other sources that your clients might find informative, and these types of posts can be as short as a paragraph or two. It’s the perfect way to add content to your site without a large time investment.

Easy to Share

By making regular blog posts and developing a following of readers, you’ll find that people will start sharing your content, either through social media or by linking to your site. Both of these are critical parts of the process of building your site’s credibility.

Your Waxwing legal blog includes easy share buttons on every post, making it effortless for people to share your knowledge on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Social Media Automation

With Waxwing, we can help you link your blog to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. That means that a new post on your blog will automatically be sent to your social media accounts, helping to build traffic and starting conversations with your social media followers.