Your Waxwing Legal Site includes a free domain name and assistance in choosing the perfect URL for your site.

Your domain name is important to your practice for a number of reasons:

First, a good domain name can help Google and the other search engines determine the kind of content to expect on your site.

Second, your domain will also appear on your printed materials and advertising, so it’s good to have something short and memorable.

With your Waxwing Legal site, you can use multiple domains, as well. This allows you to use one domain for your online advertising and a shorter one for print that is easier for people to type into their browser.

If you have an existing site, we can move your content over to our system and then point your domain to your new site when everything is ready. If you choose to move your site from Waxwing to another company, your domain (and your original site contents) belong to you, and we’ll quickly transfer that to you or your new legal web hosting company.

If you have any questions about our service, please give our staff a call at (855) 780-1081.