Mobile phones and tablets are dramatically changing how people access your website, and you need to make sure your web presence works on the latest Android and iOS devices. Over half of all adults in the US are using their phones to surf the web, and if your site doesn’t work on those, you’re losing potential clients.

Many legal website companies will build you a custom mobile site, but that’s a very inefficient, flawed approach, as it requires that you have two different sites that need to be maintained and edited.

The correct method is responsive design. A responsive legal website automatically detects the type of device and size of the screen, and serves a site specifically for that specific device. The best part of this method is that your entire site is available to every visitor, whether they’re on their office computer or their iPhone. So, if you add a new page through our N8 Site Builder, that page will appear immediately — and perfectly — on every device.

Don’t lose potential clients with an antiquated website – get responsive!

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