A client has visited your website through Google or social media. Congratulations! What now?

Driving traffic to your site is just the first step to a successful legal marketing strategy. Once the client finds you, they need to take some kind of action. You need them to call you or request more information…right now.

Too many legal websites take a subtle approach to this, with a “Get Our Newsletter” button or form. Very, very few clients use those, because there’s simply no benefit to doing so.

Think Like Your Client

A person visits your firm’s website because:

They are looking for a solution to a problem they have.

Sure, maybe occasionally someone will be browsing your website for fun, but that’s pretty rare. 99% of people are on your site because they have a legal problem and they’re looking for an answer. Make it easy for them to go from browsing to contacting you for a consultation:

  1. Create content that addresses specific legal issues.
  2. Show that you can help with that issue. (A video is the perfect way to do this!)
  3. Ask for them to call or email you.

That’s the basic formula.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

  • Don’t create a “wall of text.” Very few clients are going to read five pages of text on bankruptcy. Keep it short! The web has dramatically reduced our attention spans, so don’t bore your site visitors. Make sure to include video or photos.
  • Don’t talk about yourself. It’s important to show your experience and qualifications, of course, but you that focus needs to be on showing the client how you can help them solve their problem.
  • Don’t be generic. On so many legal websites, we see content that clients can find on Wikipedia. A generic summary of the definition of probate isn’t going to inspire a person to call your office. Create some content on wills, probate, and estate planning that explains how you can help them with their current needs.
  • Don’t be subtle. Too often, there’s no direct request for action the page. You don’t want your site visitor to bounce back to the Google search results. Make it obvious: “If you need help with your estate planning needs, call our office today at (360) 555-1234 for a free consultation.”

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