Your website can’t be an island in sea of the internet. It’s needs to integrated and linked as much as possible with a variety of services.

Not too many years ago, a website was all you needed to rank well in the search engines and to have patients find your practice. Those days are gone, and if you’d don’t have your firm’s website connected to all of the different social media sites, you’re missing out on traffic and Google might even be demoting your site.

There are two reasons why you need to link your site with social media right now:

Social Signals

The idea of social signals is fairly new, but the basic concept is that if you have a site with popular, useful content that is shared by many people (either through Facebook likes, +1s on Google, or reviews on 3rd party sites), it means that that content is more valuable than something that isn’t being shared.

There’s still considerable debate about how far the influence of social signals is affecting the ranking of web pages. Some experts say that it’s not happening yet, but will be in the “future.”

With our SEO clients, however, we’ve seen significant boosts in search engine placement after posts that have gone viral.

Currently, the consensus seems to be that social sharing will become a bigger part of SEO in the coming years, so it’s important to make sure that your legal site is linked to all the major social media services: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


Not too many years ago, the vast majority of a site’s site traffic was going to come from the search engines, direct response (like email marketing), or backlinks from other sites.

Now, a significant percentage of traffic is coming from social media. If you (or one of your clients) shares your content on Facebook or Twitter, that can result in a huge boost in traffic from people who, in turn, share your content. In fact, when we do a viral post for one of our clients, we see that 95% of the traffic (for a few weeks) finds the content on Facebook.

If one person with a lot of friends or followers shares your page or post, that can cascade into a huge amount of traffic and links from other people — all because you made it easy for people to share your content.

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