The latest statistics show that nearly 50% of web traffic is on phones or tablets. How does your site handle mobile devices?

If you just see a tiny version of your website, that’s not good, because those are nearly impossible navigate and use on a small device.

A few years ago, the solution to this problem was to build a second version of your site that would appear on mobile devices. That’s a bad solution, for three reasons:

  • It means you have to maintain two websites. That’s very inefficient and doubles your chances for problems.
  • The design for the mobile site will look different from your main site.
  • The technology behind a mobile site will become obsolete, meaning that you’ll have to upgrade it at some point.

Responsive or Reactive Design

The modern approach is to design your main site to work on all platforms. This is known as responsive or reactive design. With a responsive site, the underlying code of your site uses CSS and Javascript to detect the type of browser being used, and dynamically generates a site that works on that specific browser.

This means that you have one website to update and create content for, and then that content will appear on any device.

All of our Waxwing Law Firm Sites are responsive. No matter what website design company you’re using, though, make sure that they use the latest technology. It will save you money and trouble down the road.

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