Legal Marketing with Google Local Business

According to Google, 97% of their users now search for local businesses online. Users search for everything from Chinese take-outs to car washes – from accountants to lawyers. This means that if you’re serious about generating new clients for your firm, you need to make sure your site is visible in the Google local listings.

What does a Google local search look like? Load up your chosen internet browser and do a search for “lawyers Tucson”. You’ll see a long list of local businesses presented to you in such a fashion that it’s not even necessary for you to click-through to a website to get the contact details – the address and telephone number is right there on the search results page for you.

In order to have your business show up under this section you must register with Google Local Business. It’s a really simple procedure – all you do is tell Google a little about your company, what it does, where it’s based, and how to get in touch. Usually Google will then send out a post card to your business address – on that is a verification code that you must put in, in order to have your Google Places listing go live.

The fact is that Google’s local search results provide searchers with all of the information they’re likely to need about a business – this means they won’t need to click-through to the website to find out a phone number or email address. Because of this, your website may not receive lots of new hits thanks to registering for Google Places, but you should notice an increase in leads being received via phone calls. Obviously the businesses that get the most leads are those that appear towards the top of the Google Places listings.

Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook. It operates in a much similar way – and one big advantage of it is that just like Facebook, the Plus network allows you to create a page for your business. On this page you can post news, statuses and links back to your website.

If your legal websites are not producing the amount of leads and conversions you’d hoped, make sure you get in touch with our legal marketing team to see how we can help in terms of Google’s local search results.

If this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry! As part of our service, our staff will help you get your Google+ profile online and optimized. Plus, we’ll even help integrate it into your site to get the most out of your listing.

Call us today at (855) 780-1081 and we’ll be happy to explain how Google+ works.

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