Legal Marketing with Twitter

In a previous post, we discussed tips for using Facebook to market your law firm and acquire new clients. We have also written about using Linkedin. Twitter is another social media site that many lawyers are using to help with legal marketing. A recent post on the website advises lawyers to follow these Twitter tips. We have summarized them for you below.

Tip 1: Use Keywords in your Profile Description.

Determine what keywords are best used to describe your specialty and use these words in your Twitter profile.

Tip 2: Use Keywords in your Tweets.

Tweet often. When you do, remember to include keywords as you did for your profile description. This will help optimize your search results.

Tip 3: Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used on Twitter to categorize tweets, increasing their availability through searches. Examples of hashtags you might use include: #attorney #lawyer #lawsuit #personalinjury #injurycompensation, etc.

Tip 4: Share links

Whenever you blog or add content to your legal website, share links on Twitter.

Tip 5: Follow

Follow Twitter users in your target market who will help get the word out about your services. Include current and former clients, partners you have done business with, friends, co-workers, other local businesses, and even your competitors. This article from Law Firm Marketing includes a list of 145 legal professionals to consider following on Twitter.

Tip 6: Connect to Linkedin and Facebook

Sync your social media accounts together. You can then share content on each network easily.

Tip 7: Add Your Account to Legal Twitter Directories

Add yourself to directories specifically for lawyers on Twitter, such as the following:

Tip 7: Shrink Your URL

If your URL is long, you may need to shrink it for Twitter use. Tweets can only be up to 140 characters in length. You can use to shrink your URL for free.

Tip 8: Organize Followers with Twitter Lists

Twitter lists help you to keep your followers in categories. For example, you can have a list for competitors and one for partners.

Tip 9: Promote Your @username

Add your Twitter username to your business card and email signature.

Tip 10: Engage With Followers

Like other social media, your best results with Twitter will come if you socialize and interact within it. This means building relationships by communicating: replying to your followers, re-tweeting popular posts, and sending messages to followers.

Tip 11: Monitor Your Use

Use Google Analytics to keep track of your Twitter account. See which Tweets get the most interaction, and try to replicate these types.

Tip 12: Don’t Make Mistakes That Can Trigger Spam Filters or Exclude an Audience

  • Don’t buy followers.
  • Don’t follow too many people at once.
  • Don’t overdo self-promotion.
  • Don’t use legal jargon.

Twitter can be another great legal marketing tool. We hope you find these tips useful to employ Twitter for your law firm.

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