Successful legal marketing is centered around local optimization. Most law firms are looking for clients in a particular community or area, and so your marketing has to be focused on attracting those specific people.

Local search marketing involves researching local search patterns, and then developing content based upon those trends and tailoring it to the particular type of law you practice.

When we first start working with your practice, we evaluate the competition in your area, and work with you to develop a list of the type of clients you’re seeking. We then put together a comprehensive strategy that incorporates social media, content marketing, and PPC advertising that will get you the best return on your investment.

To understand the process that we go through to help you get new patients, we’ve put together some example analyses of some regional marketing strategies:

Seattle Law Firm Marketing

Tacoma Law Firm Marketing

Portland Law Firm Marketing

San Diego Law Firm Marketing

Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale Law Firm Marketing

Chicago Law Firm Marketing

New York Law Firm Marketing

Houston Law Firm Marketing

Los Angeles Law Firm Marketing

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