There’s one assured way of getting good search ranking for your website: provide content that matches the searches your clients are performing. If your client is looking for Pedestrian Injury Lawyer, Salem OR, and if you create content on your site about how you work with people who have been injured as a pedestrian in Salem, OR, your site’s going to rank well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

It’s a method called Content Marketing, and it’s very effective because you’re creating content relevant to your clients’ needs, and, if done properly, makes it easy for the search engines to match you with people searching for answers to their questions.

Writing dozens of pages of content can be daunting for a busy practice, and so we can create that content for you.

Our team of legal writers will discuss the keywords and phrases you’d like to target, specifics about your practice and your expertise, and then create the original content for your site. We then send a proof for your final approval, and then upload the content to your site, adding images and performing search engine optimization on the new material to help boost your search ranking.

If you have questions about our Legal Content Writing Service, please give us a call at (855) 780-1081 and ask for Erica or Marissa.