Social media is an important part of any modern legal marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the ways that attorneys network with clients and other professionals, and you need to be using these tools for your practice.

The problem is that many lawyers are busy and don’t necessarily have the time to make daily posts.

Our Automated Legal Social Media service is the perfect way to update your social media accounts with fresh content. Every weekday, we update your social media presence with news posts on auto and brain injuries.

Because you still are in control of your social media accounts, you’ll still be able to post your own content and engage with your followers, but it’s a great way to feed your social presence, effortlessly.

If you need content that’s more original and customized to your practice, we also offer custom blog posts that get updated to your social media accounts. Please see our Legal Content Writing Service┬ápage for information about how we can create custom content for your practice.