How to Make Facebook Work for Your Law Firm, Not Against It

Facebook fan pages are free marketing tools with great potential to increase your client base. The key is to be strategic and purposeful in how you run your law-practice fan page. Many businesses make big mistakes when it comes to social media, and it’s not just small businesses making blunders. A 2011 study by A.T. Kearney revealed that some of biggest culprits of Facebook mistakes are America’s top brands. If you follow these suggestions, you can avoid following the same pattern.

Pay Attention to Client Feedback

One of the best things about Facebook is that you can instantly receive feedback on what your fans like to read about the most. You know something is going right when you post a status update or link and get a lot of “likes” and comments. You know something is not well-received when most of your fans ignore it. If that’s the case, it might be wise to avoid that type of post in the future.

This seems simple enough, but some companies don’t seem to get the logic. The Kearney study found that 69% of the status updates of the leading U.S. brands were self-promotional. Even though these types of posts get far fewer “likes” and comments, the top brands continued to use them more than any other type of update.

You can do better. Pay attention to the instant feedback your Facebook fans provide.

Start Conversations

As you just read, self-promotional posts are not popular with Facebook users. It is acceptable, and even expected, to include some promotional updates. But nobody wants to read this type of post every day.

Instead, use Facebook as a tool to interact with your fans. Offer them thought-provoking status updates, start conversations with interesting questions, link your readers to articles and other websites of interest. You may want to consider a service such as our Personal Injury Video Library, giving you an opportunity to educate your clients about injuries, and starting those crucial conversations. Facebook isn’t a commercial for your firm. It’s a chance to converse and build community with your clients.

Grasp the Opportunity to Interact with Your Fans

Social media allows attorneys and clients to get to know each other and build a positive rapport. Interacting with your fans can help build this sense of community. Read your fan comments and questions. Take the opportunity to respond and answer.

This is another area where some big businesses fall short. Kearney’s study showed that: “Leading brands also failed to interact with customers, despite having thousands of opportunities to do so. In fact, 56% of the top brands failed to respond to one single customer comment in 2011.”

Following these tips will satisfy your Facebook fans and may even generate more links and more fans. Of course, this could also lead to more clients seeking your legal representation. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, indeed.



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