Panda 4.0 Shakes Up Search Results

Google is constantly adjusting their search algorithms and they’re typically making changes on a weekly basis. Their objective is to provide quality search results and filter out spammy, non-original content. The better the search results in Google, the more likely people will continue to use Google.

On May 20th, Matt Cutts of Google announced that they have rolled out a major update to their search algorithm, Panda 4.0. And from the early information available, many sites are seeing dramatic shifts in their search ranking. For instance, since the update, Ebay has seen a 50% drop in traffic.

This major update is reportedly affecting 7.5% of the current search results, so it’s important to check both your ranking status and your analytics to see if you’ve experienced any drop in traffic from Panda 4.0. If you need help with diagnosing problems with your site, we can help with that. Contact us for assistance.

Ethical Marketing

This latest algorithmic change brings up an important point. The sites that have been damaged the most from Panda 4.0 (and other updates) are those that use shady or “blackhat” SEO tactics. That includes spammy content, paid backlinks, or poor quality blog commenting.

It’s our philosophy that these kinds of techniques aren’t worth the trouble. Sure, you might get a temporary boost from them, but it’s better to play by the rules and do legitimate work on your site than it is to be hit with a penalty down the road.

Legitimate techniques include:

  • Original content.
  • Citation building.
  • Viral posts.
  • Social media integration.

Real SEO work takes serious effort, but it pays off for many years and you don’t have to worry about Google destroying your search ranking.

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