Poor Attention Spans and Your Legal Website

In a funny and factual online article for the news site Slate, writer Farhad Manjoo recently laid out the numbers to show that only a small portion of people online read articles through to the end. What does this mean for your the content on your legal website?

It means you might need to rethink pages and pages of text. It means you might want to view your site with the idea that many people will not scroll, so the important stuff needs to be “above the fold,” which in online lingo means the upper portion of the page before scrolling. It even means that you should consider utilizing the power of video to engage clients and potential clients and keep them around to learn more about what your law practice.

In his article cleverly titled, “You Won’t Finish This Article,” Manjoo pointed out, using statistical data and graphs, that Web readers just can’t stay focused. Through real-time software, they were able to track the portion of the page each browser was viewing on a second-by-second basis, and find where readers left the page. It was discovered that nearly half of Web users drop off around halfway through an online article. A good portion of readers aren’t giving your content any chance at all.

Strangely, the research also found that a great deal of people tweet out or share links to articles they haven’t fully read. And some people even comment without reading an entire piece.

So, Web users are skimming over words. They enjoy action, movement, auditory and visual engagement. This is why we often recommend that lawyers use video on their legal sites. Try our Legal Marketing Videos to show the high-quality content that your clients and prospects need, without losing them in a sea of words they won’t read.


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