A blog for your law firm’s website is one of the most important features for increasing your Google search presence and for getting new clients. There are some unique features of a blog that make it an integral part of your web presence. Here are the reasons why you need a blog on your site:

Blog posts can be quicker to write. For many pages on your site, you’ll need to create longer content, but sometimes you just want to quickly comment on a news item or a particular topic. Blog posts are perfect for that. A blog post can be as simple as a sentence on a topic and a link to another article. Of course, your blog posts don’t have to be short, but the nature of blogging makes it easy to create smaller pieces of easily digested material.

Blog posts get indexed quicker. WordPress has a cool feature that pings the search engines when a new post is submitted. This notifies Google of a new blog post and then Google’s bot visits the page and indexes it almost immediately. Typically, we see client blog posts show up in the Google search results within 3 to 5 minutes after posting. If you’re posting something that you want to get immediate exposure for, it’s hard to be a blog post.

A blog keeps your site fresh. Google loves fresh, original content and a blog is the perfect way to keep it happy. If Google sees that you’re keeping your site active and updated consistently, it’s going to give you a better ranking than a site that hasn’t been updated since 2011.

A blog makes it easy to target specific keywords. Long-tail search optimization involves writing custom content that targets very specific keywords or phrases. This is especially important when trying to boost your ranking for a competitive niche. Let’s say you’re trying to boost your overall site ranking for “Personal Injury Attorney Seattle.” Now, that’s a competitive area and it’s going to take some work to get your site to #1 in Google. A blog enables you to keep chipping away at the search term “personal injury attorney Seattle,” because every time you’re posting a blog post, you’re going to be using that term or other key phrases related to it. You can talk about thousands of different individual aspects of your personal injury practice in Seattle, and every time you make a post, you’re building your site’s credibility, proving to Google that your site is relevant, and showing your potential clients that you’re an expert in the field.

Blog posts are easy to share. Another feature of most blogs is an RSS feed. This allows you to broadcast your blog to other services, such as social media accounts. Using some simple tools, we’re able to connect our legal client blogs to their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ accounts for added exposure.

As you can see, a blog for your law firm is a powerful tool that you can use to boost your search engine ranking and make it easier for clients to find your practice.

Waxwing Legal is here to help you configure and maximize the benefits of your blog. We can help you optimize your posts, suggest blog topics, or even hire freelance writers to create original content for you.

For more information about our services, please contact us here. For more on the basics of legal web design and marketing, see our Complete Guide to Law Firm Marketing.