Tacoma Law Firm Marketing

Last week, we did an analysis for Seattle legal marketing and found some good opportunities and some unique challenges. Today, we’re going to do the same thing for Tacoma, Washington.

Tacoma is a smaller city, but still has a large number of attorneys in the area. The Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association has 1,400 members, while the city only has a population of 200,000.

The most common searches for Tacoma lawyers provides some good information that we can use in our marketing plan:

Tacoma Area Web Searches
Area of Practice Number of Searches Cost Per Click
Personal Injury Lawyer Tacoma 140 $68.58
Car Accident Lawyer Tacoma 73 $62.43
Tacoma Divorce Lawyer 110 $20.67
Tacoma Divorce Attorneys 140 $25.70
Divorce Lawyer Tacoma 91 $21.00
Tacoma DUI Lawyer 110 $45.77
DUI Lawyer Tacoma 58 $49.82
Tacoma DUI attorney 210 $41.20
DUI Attorney Tacoma 170 $54.41
Tacoma Bankruptcy Lawyer 91 $22.46
Tacoma Criminal Lawyers 91 $33.33
Criminal Lawyer Tacoma 91 $28.44
Tacoma Lawyers 58 $14.52

This search data provides us with a ton of useful information when crafting a strategy, and shows us some of the vagaries and challenges of search optimization.

For instance, under DUI, we have “Tacoma DUI lawyer,” “DUI Lawyer Tacoma,” “DUI attorney Tacoma,” and “Tacoma DUI attorney.” These are all searches for the same service, but the phrase that searches use varies widely, and the number of searches range from 58 for one phrase to 210 for the top phrase.

Now, a common approach is to simply target the most common search and leave it at that, but that means you’d be focusing on a search of 210, while ignoring the cumulative search totals from all the other search terms — 338 searches!

The Magic of Long-Tail Search Optimization

This example illustrates the concept of the long-tail beautifully — that is, the vast majority of searches are done on unique, specific key phrases that you may only identify with research. In this case, we have four different phrases, and that’s what we found after only a bit of research. Digging deeper into the Google’s database will most likely find us even more key phrases to target. For instance, there are 28 searches per month for “Pierce County DUI Lawyer.”

So our first step is to identify all of the possible keywords and phrases that your potential clients are searching for.

The next step is to create original content on your website or legal blog that targets those different key phrases.

Sometimes, we can target different keywords on a single page, but if you’re in a large city with a lot of competition, we might actually have to create multiple pages for each of the individual phrases.

For a very competitive area, we might actually have to create a specific blog with dozens of articles on the topic to get good organic search ranking (e.g., The Tacoma/Pierce County DUI Blog).


Again, the sites that are ranking well in Tacoma aren’t showing a tremendous number of backlinks; the #1 site for Tacoma DUI attorney only has 9 sites linking to it. There’s a huge opportunity for getting better placement based on getting links.


Tacoma offers some great opportunities for getting great search placement. If you practice in Tacoma, and would like an assessment of your marketing strategy, give us a call at (855) 780-1081.

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