Websites for Small Law Firms

We see a wide range of needs in our legal clients. Some firms are large and need a custom solution that works for multiple lawyers and diverse practice areas, but most attorneys don’t need such complexity. They just need a website that has the basics…and doesn’t break their budget.

When building a site for your firm, it’s important to know what features you need before you start the process. Here are the basic features you should consider when putting together your site:

  • You need a content management system (CMS). Your site must give you the ability to edit, add, or remove content. A static site that only enables your webmaster to make changes to your site is unacceptable, because you can’t wait a week for your site to be updated (if you can even get in touch with your webmaster).
  • You need great support. Your website should be a living, breathing part of your practice and that’s going to require constant tweaks and changes. You’re going to want to update photos and videos, and you’re going to want help doing that! You’re an attorney, not a web guru.¬†We’ve seen way too many instances where a lawyer can’t reach their webmaster, and their site can’t get updated. That’s not acceptable. At Waxwing, we try to get every client support ticket¬†resolved the same day.
  • You need search optimization tools. Your site needs to have the basic tools available to make it easy to find online. You should be able to edit your meta title tags and description tags so that Google can best index your site.
  • You should have a blog feature. A blog is a great way to add short content to your site quickly and boost your search ranking. Make sure your legal blog has an RSS feed and a ping feature to notify Google when you publish a new blog post.
  • You should have an image gallery. Very few legal website design firms provide this, but at Waxwing, we give you access to an image library of legally licensed photos to use in your pages or posts. This saves you hunting down images or paying for stock photos.

Your firm’s website is an how many clients will first learn about your practice, so you need to do it right. Our Basic Legal Website Plan is perfect for small firms. It has all of the features and tools you need to get your firm online.

We also offer legal marketing services for those clients who need help with content and we provide Legal AdWords marketing and management services, too.

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